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              1. PILNOX SP
                • Overview
                • Compounding Information
                • Application

                Chemical Name

                Styrenated phenol

                Chemical Structure

                CAS Reg. No.


                Mol. Wt.

                Avg. molecular wt.  305

                Product Specification



                Test Method

                Product form

                Clear viscous liquid



                Pale straw


                Refractive Index


                NOCIL G-8

                Viscosity @ 27°C, Cps


                NOCIL G-5

                Heat Loss, % (max)


                D 4571

                Ash Content, % (max)


                D 4574

                Acidity as H2SO4, % (max)


                NOCIL G-51

                Typical Data

                Specific gravity at 25°C.


                D 891

                Mono Styrenated Phenol(GC), %


                NOCIL G-70

                Di-Styrenated Phenol (GC), %


                   NOCIL G-70

                Tri-Styrenated Phenol (GC), %


                   NOCIL G-70

                Product Information


                Soluble in acetone and alcohol; Partly soluble in   petroleum ether. Insoluble in water.



                Discoloration & Staining

                Non staining & Non discoloring.

                FDA Approval Status

                 Regulated for use in articles in contact with food under FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, 177.105 and under BgVV  XXI, Category 1-4.

                Toxicity Data
                (Please refer to the latest
                Toxicological information.)

                Slightly harmful by mouth. (Oral LD50rat 2500 mg/kg).   Slight skin irritant but not an eye irritant.   

                Handling & Personal Protection

                No special precautions are required. However good housekeeping practices and normal storage conditions are recommended. In case of eye or skin contact rinse  immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical  advice


                Always store in a cool & dry place away from direct sun light or any other heat source.


                Plastic Drums / IBC

                 50 kg net, black colored plastic containers, 1000 kg

                Truck tanker/ Bulk

                To optimum capacity

                Storage Life

                24 months when stored as stated above.

                Color code


                Pilnox SP is a very widely used and inexpensive non-staining, non discoloring antioxidant for white / colored or transparent rubber products based on NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR, CR, etc. Pilnox SP also finds applications as a stabilizer for synthetic rubbers and plastics such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, high impact polystyrene, adhesives, oils and plasticizers.

                Pilnox SP disperses very easily in dry rubber compounds and does not bloom or affect the color, odor &  transparency of the rubber product.

                Pilnox SP does not influence the viscosity, scorch and cure characteristics of rubber compounds nor does it have any influence on unaged mechanical properties of rubber vulcanizates. Pilnox SP has a very low volatility and thus is a highly persistent antioxidant.

                Pilnox SP is used at 1.0-3.0 phr levels as a non-staining antioxidant in rubber compounds based on NR and other synthetic rubbers. Pilnox SP offers good oxidation, heat and ozone resistance as well as flex fatigue resistance to transparent / white / colored rubber vulcanizates and exhibits good ‘Color fastness’ characteristics. The combination of Pilnox SP and antioxidant Pilnox TDQ offer synergistic effect to improve the heat ageing resistance of rubber vulcanizates at lower cost but with only slight discoloration.

                Pilnox SP is a suitable antioxidant for normal as well as heat sensitized NR latex based compounds and its performance in NR latex based vulcanizates is similar to that of NR dry rubber based vulcanizates. Pilnox SP is         
                added to latex based compounds in the form of 50% active content emulsion which is prepared as follows:


                Parts by weight

                Pilnox SP


                Oleic acid


                Triethanol amine


                Potassium hydroxide (KOH)






                Method: Triethanol amine, KOH and water are mixed & heated to 60-65ºC under high speed stirring and are added to previously heated (65-70ºC) & well stirred mixture of Pilnox SP-Oleic acid under high speed stirring. The resultant mixture is allowed to cool to room temperature and filtered through a fine filter cloth or passed through a colloid mill.
                [2.4 kg of this emulsion added to a barrel (195 liter) of NR latex = 1.0 phr (dry basis) Pilnox SP]

                Pilnox SP is widely used as non staining and non discoloring antioxidant for the manufacture of transparent / white / colored products at  0.5 – 3.0 phr dosage for the manufacture of  products such as hot water bottles, cut threads, sponges, latex foam, coir foam latex threads, tubing, surgical gloves, condoms, teats, balloons, rubber bands etc.

                A 1:1 combination of Pilnox SP and antioxidant Pilnox TDQ offer synergistic effect & improve the heat ageing resistance of NR vulcanizates.

                Awards / Certifications